DSC_3418Benjamin is suddenly all grown up! I have to remind myself he is only 3 1/2 years old, still a little guy.

Look at the eyes on this kid, I swear he can get away with anything when he turns those blues on me. The scratches on his nose are finally starting to heal up – he got whacked in the nose by a big metal vent that fell off a refrigerator. Exciting times!

Playing together

Over the last few months, we have noticed that Benjamin and Colette are starting to play more together and alongside each other. I still do a fair amount of refereeing throughout the day, but it really fills my heart to see the two of them sitting quietly together.

DSC_3284 DSC_3307 DSC_3291 DSC_3277



A whole year has gone by since Colette was born and I am horrified to see how little (or none) I have posted in the past year. We started this blog for our family to save precious moments in our lives, and as a way to share with our far flung family. When we started it I had no idea how hard it would be to keep up with. I would be lying if I said I don’t have the time. My issue has been more my discomfort at publicly putting our lives out there. Truth be told, I am an introvert and it has been hard to visualize who would read our blog and how to write about our lives. It appears that nearly everyone blogs, so where do we fit in and what do we have to say about our lives that would be appealing for anyone else to read?

I think about writing often, and about the photographs I take of my children especially, and all the little stories that I immediately want to share. Now that Colette is a year old, and Benjamin three and a half, I have a new resolve! I want to write for my children, to my children. A family journal that I will be proud for them to read one day. Not about products, or for anyone else’s opinion. A journal about our love for our family and our lives together. After all, I would not change it for the world, and that is something that I am pretty proud of!

That is my MBM – my Mummy Blog Mission (amazing what a full nights sleep will do for clarity!!).

Ring in the new year!


2011 was a very busy year for us, and suddenly we find ourselves in 2012 and I can’t imagine where the past year has gone to! Benjamin is a whole year older, and I am pretty sure its been a year since I last posted (very embarrassing!). So I guess my New Years Resolutions should maybe include something about being more diligent in keeping our blog up to date for all our far flung family and friends, right?

So whats going on in our little lives at the moment – well we are savoring having a 2 year old in the house, in all of its challenging and utterly fabulous glory. His 2nd birthday seemed like quite a milestone for the man, and suddenly we were faced with a very chatty, confidant and bold young soul in the house. Fear is not in his vocabulary, neither is patience – there is increasing amounts of both in Mark and my own though.  He constantly enchants us with his very wild imagination, and a quirky sense of humour. As a Mum I have had to learn on my feet about how to best approach a little guy who loves to challenge us and constantly test the boundaries – its been interesting, and at times really difficult. We’ve had to get creative!

I was at the sink washing dishes the other day, gazing out at the mountains and pondering where my life is right now, as you do around new year perhaps. I very quickly came to the conclusion that I really love where I am right now. I love the challenges, the belly laughs, the routine  and the constant changes, and the cozy environment of being home with Benjamin. I love watching the changes in Ben as he grows and his world opens up around him, and I wake each day so excited to see the world through his eyes. And while I was up to my elbows with soapy suds, I could only smile and feel a swelling of gratitude in my chest. Not many people get to love their jobs as much as I do, and to be so content and happy with their lives. Sure there could be a couple of tweaks, but if it was all perfect….well it would just not be nearly so exciting, now would it!

And to add to the excitement, and beautiful imperfection of our lives, we patiently await the arriving of baby Healey #2! We’re so excited, and can’t believe our luck that we might be blessed twice with children in our lives. I’ve been haphazardly getting ready, not nearly as manic as we were when waiting for Benjamin. Benjamin in the meantime, is convinced I am not having a boy, or a girl, but actually a chameleon…

…like I said, the kid has a wild imagination.

Sad day

“To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega”

Its been a sad few days for the Healey family lately. Mark’s Uncle Thom passed away on thursday after a long battle with Cancer.

I only had the pleasure of meeting Uncle Thom once, and it was on one of my very first trips to America. It was Christmas day and we had all gone out to Gram’s house for a big old Christmas Dinner. Being somewhat chilly outside, we had all bundled up really well, and I wore my new green cashmere turtleneck sweater from my future mother-in-law. So into Gram’s sweet little house on the Cape we all crammed, and the Christmas spirit was upon us. An enormous spread lay before us, and we all adjusted our waistbands to do it justice. I was perhaps understandably nervous being the newcomer and all, and pretty soon I felt a prickly heat creeping up my neck. New turtleneck perhaps? That and nerves maybe? Or could it be the 80 degree heat that Gram had pumping into the house. Pretty soon I was as red as a tomato and very aware of it too. Beads of sweat were gathering on my brow. I sheepishly I took a little peak up at my neighbors, Uncle Thom, and Mark. Sure enough Uncle Thom as going a beautiful shade of red too. “Hot enough to melt the butter in here” he cracked, and sure enough the butter was literally a pool in its fancy bowl. It was exactly what I needed to relax, and Mark and I snorted with laughter.

He knew just how to make you laugh. I only met Uncle Thom once but I will never forget how at ease he made me feel, what a ready smile he had and how eager he was to share it.
The world is a lesser place without him, thats for sure.

Now we have a fridge

It’s been a while since we posted on this blog — sorry for the lapse! Anyways, I came home from work tonight, spent some time with Jude and Benjamin before heading into the kitchen… and stumbled onto Benjamin’s first finger painting hanging on the side of the refrigerator.

This fridge never looked so good.

Amber beads

Benjamin has been wearing an amber bead necklace for quite a while now, and he gets a lot of comments on it so I thought I would post about it. Amber necklaces are really common in Europe, Australia and New Zealand as they have some really fantastic healing properties, and I definitely think they are helping our little guy. I have noticed that he is considerably less fussy when he is teething when he has it on, than when he doesn’t – and what Mamma is not in favour of that hey!

Besides looking darn cute, here are a few pros:
Providing pain relief –

Baltic amber’s remarkable medicinal properties include analgesics that reduce or eliminate pain associated with headaches, joint stiffness, dental discomfort such as teething, etc.

Strengthening your immune system –

Succinic acid is the primary substance in natural Baltic Amber and has remarkable ability to boost the body’s immune system, to enhance natural healing, and to protect the body from infection.

Restoring Energy –

Succinate is a raw material and a major catalyst in the Krebs Cycle, one of our main sources of energy. During this cycle, our bodies metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for energy. metabolized for energy. Our own bodies naturally produce the same succinic acid to some extent. Succinic acid contains salt which is one of the key substances in cellular respiration as well as intercellular energy production. As a result, succinic acid restores both oxygen and energy to depleted cells and aids the body in returning to a normal, fully functional state.

Maintaining Wellness -

Under stress or duress, the human body’s cells require more oxygen more quickly. A lack of oxygen can result in lethargy as oxygen is vital to the intercellular creation of energy. When the body has low oxygen, it is much more at risk of illness. A healthy body is one that has a slightly alkaline blood “ph” balance which means that oxygen is being fully absorbed in all the critical areas with ease.

Breaking a cycle of (chronic) inflammation -

Whenever there is any form of chronic inflammation, disease is a good probability. With chronic cellular inflammation, the body’s immune system will automatically increase production of free radicals which can, in excess, cause inflammatory-related disease. Chronic inflammation is quite of the underlying factor in many seemingly unrelated illnesses.

I hope that these necklaces become popular in the States soon, I am such a fan and would love to see more little babies wearing them!

The right shade of green

I have pondered paint colors for weeks now, loving every second of spreading out paint samples and chips and driving Mark crazy with a dozen questions about which shade of green looks better. Finally decision made, paint purchased, I set out to paint the living room. My plan is to paint while Benjamin naps during the day, and after that while he plays quietly and sweetly in the dining room which is cordoned off and safe. I am so excited I can hardly wait for him to take his delicious long morning nap so that I can get started. Finally he is sleeping, I get kitted up and just as I am rolling on the first stripe of green, I hear a cry. Rats! He is awake, already? Ok well no problem, I will just put him in the dining room and let him play there. Aware that paint is drying on the roller, I quickly get him set up playing and race back to paint. 2 minutes later, he is wailing his head off. Back down off the chair, roller down and check on Benjamin. He is stuck in a cardboard box.

Reverse the man out of the box, back out, up the chair, roller back in hand. Another wail. Down we go again. Reverse him out of the box again, back out, up the chair and roll. Wail. And so on and so on. Holly in the meantime is whining to be let back in. She has muddy feet so I make her lie down on the mat to dry off. I then bring Benjamin in to the living room with me, with all the gigantic cardboard boxes that he loves. Space is getting a little tight now, but as long as I can shuffle around the boxes  and wet dog I should manage to get a coat on the wall. Back up the chair we go, roller in hand. I reach up, delighted to finally get stuck in. In a matter of seconds Benjamin has navigated through the boxes and heads straight into the pan of toxic paint. Delightful. And is now tracking paint all over the wooden floors. Holly decides that now is the perfect time to slink onto the carpet unnoticed.I frantically climb over boxes diving to get to Ben before he makes it to the carpet or eats the paint, meanwhile yelling at Holly to get off the carpet. She in turn, looks terrified and like she might pee, and Benjamin is frightened of the yelling and starts to cry.

I am standing in a room surrounded by boxes and paint cans, holding a green baby under one arm and clutching at the collar of a muddy smelly dog in the other. Mud and green paint all over the floor. I laugh and take a deep breath. I am trying to do too much and it ain’t workin’ mamma! So Holly gets turfed out to dry in the sunshine like a dog aught to, and I spend the rest of the morning playing peak-a-boo with Benjamin in a pile of boxes. The paint dries on the brush and the walls will wait another day, and in the meantime I am having the time of my life laughing with my gorgeous little boy. Yes this is my life and I would not change a thing about it!

To the southern most tip of Africa and back again

Our long awaited trip to Cape Town is over and it seems like a dream already!

I feel so incredibly blessed that we were able to take Benjamin all the way to Africa and introduce him to my family. It was so special and meant so much to me to see him with them! Having been to Cape Town before, Mark and I didn’t feel like we had to do too much or see too much, and instead just enjoyed being a family and having no agenda. It was marvellous! We stayed at an incredibly beautiful part of Cape Town called Noordhoek at Monkey Valley. Wild and exposed to crazy weather, beautiful wooden chalets and breakfasts on the porch looking out over the beach. We saw friends and family and rode the cable car up the mountain. It was wonderful! Benjamin did as well as he could with the time change and I am hoping that the pain of those 4 long awful flights (he decided to start crawling 2 days before our trip…need I say more) will dull with time. In the meantime, it is awesome to be home and we have no desire to fly anywhere again for a long loooooooong time!